Thursday, January 17, 2008

Introductory Blog

My name is Jean. Why do I all of the sudden feel an innate need to write something inspiring ;) I must admit that this whole blog idea is a bit intimidating. It feels as though the entire world will read this...although I suspect the entire world likely has zero interest in what I have to say! I chose this website because I am completely unfamiliar with blogging and it was shown as an example in my readings for EDES 545. I think once I get more comfortable I may choose to explore this further. A friend of mine is obsessed with blogging and has mentioned that it is therapeutic to reflect on her daily life activities. I am really looking forward to learning more about the Web 2.0 tools as I would love to incorporate more of them into the library I work in now and those in the future. I do have a facebook account set up (by the looks of the amount made by the young man who started that company up...everyone in the world does!) and although I am not completely addicted, I do tend to check that on an everday basis. Unfortunately, I do not keep it up to date as well as I would like to, however I love looking at the people's profiles who do. I am looking forward to changing up the template of my blog as I am a very visual person and this template is highly unsatisfactory. I had the idea that you would be able to choose from a variety of beautiful backgrounds, like butterflies, waterfalls and sunsets. This template reminds me of being in Grade 11 Computer Processing classes and trying to type 6o words per minute. As for the evaluation sems fair to me. Evidence you have read and have an understanding of the material, you think about it, relate it to your own life and reflect on all of that. Learning is quite fun to me and I love to reflect in journals when I read; I have a feeling this will be a similar experience!! I look forward to a future of blogging!!!


John Lobe said...

Hi Jean - Hey, your blog looks great. I do know what you mean about the templates though. I had imagined more choices. I think that our blogs will reflect our personalities more over time.

Val Martineau said...

Hi Jean:
Great picture of you and Bella. I to am very visual and in time hope to have pictures and other interesting visuals on my blog.

I agree with John, that overtime our blogs will become show our personalities.

elizabeth said...

Hi Jean,
It is great to read your blog and to see your picture. I agree, the templates do feel confining but they certainly make the set up quick. When I wrote my first entry I didn't realize you could make one long post, I thought I had to divide it up into smaller ones. Live and learn! Sweet dog!

Jennifer said...

I still haven't found a template that I like. But there are millions out there if I had the time or inclination to explore them all.

Joanne and I were asked about Second Life in our session this morning and we both don't have enough time in our first life to have a second life.

Someday I might have time to explore more options for my blog.

Joanne said...

Facebook can be addicting! I was on it a lot in the summer but am finding myself drawn to it less and less. I also notice that many of my friends who joined at the same time as me (last summer) are much quieter than they used to be. I wonder if the novelty has worn off...or if people just don't have time to keep up with all these technologies that connect them with the rest of the world!


Elisa Orton said...

I agree with the the lack of choice and ability to change layout. I spent quite a bit of time wondering how good I could become at writing HTML so I could make my blog look better. As it is I have already changed the template three times in as many days.

Arlene said...

Hi Jean - Your comment about Facebook made me think about the statistic that is used in the article from that was shared this week. It says that 2 million new people join Facebook each week. It speculates that at that this rate there will be over 200 million people on Facebook a year from now. That's if you believe numbers. I'm always a little suspect. Arlene

Ronda said...

Hi Jean,

I love the bold visual impact of colour and images in your blog!

I too, was completely new to blogs. I had never really given it much consideration until now. However, I am seeing so many possibilites for its applications in teaching, I am much more excited about it! What do you think of weblogs now?